The Sum of Our Days

The Sum of Our Days

Every time I go Home, my home of origin, I come back to California a little different and a little better than when I left. It’s been happening since my first visit back to New England after moving to San Diego in 1990. It just happened again this past week, as it has on dozens of pilgrimages. When I head east for any number reasons, vacation, celebration, or passage on, I leave the new life that I have built to embrace old relationships, commitments, memories, land scapes and fortify old connections. Each time I go back I “swim,” for few days, in things and amongst people, living and those that have moved on, that made up the fabric of my earlier life.

After each trip I return west with new memories, more mindful and thankful for the people, experiences and culture that shaped me as I came of age. The reward is doubly sweet in that as I return, I also have a heightened sense of gratitude for the opportunity and the relationships I have in my west coast home. I return feeling authentically inspired to live better, love more and to improve the quality of my wc tribe.

Whether funeral or wedding the moments that I have in relationship and in solitude back east reframes my days and the opportunity that is my life each day in California. And what is life but the sum of our days to make the best of.

Whether your experience is bi-coastal or not it is my hope for each of you that you go back on occasion, in some way, to the depths of your mind/heart and to those places that have shaped you. Taking stock in where you came from and use that as a touch stone to make your home, your days and your tribe better.

Live with Love Amigos,


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