CBS News, A Rise in Obesity is a Boon
for Personal Training Industry

KUSI San Diego, Working to
End Childhood Obesity

NBC7 San Diego, Maximizing Holiday Health

ACE, Lessons from a Studio Owner

CW6, Healthier Holidays

Couples Fitness on KNSD TV



“Walk as much as you possibly can”

“Deadlifts address the hamstrings significantly, in conjunction with the glutes and the lower-back extensors.”

“You want your body to be ready for the movements you encounter in daily life.”

“And when results come slowly, many of us feel our efforts are not paying off.”

Train harder, run faster, and stay healthy with these 5 expert tips.

“Exercise machines are convenient and are generally designed to be user-friendly”

You try to be consistent, but sometimes breaks—be it from vacation, a move, or a busy work schedule—push exercise to the backburner.

“By itself, this is a great single workout for the week.”

Hands are the key to performing a variety of daily tasks.

“There are a lot more exciting water workouts.”

Are you sabotaging yourself without even knowing it? Here’s how to find out—and start getting results.

“You’ll burn the most calories by doing cardio two or three days a week…”

Eating healthfully can sound like a major challenge, but as personal trainer and author Cris Dobrosielski points out, a few small changes can go a long way.

Once you have a proper technique, Dobrosielski says that you should feel a “significant sense of exertion as you’re completing a set of exercises.”

“While bench presses, shoulder presses, and curls are all good exercises, they’re still the focus of many routines while posterior upper and lower body exercises are done minimally or incompletely,” says Dobrosielski.

Exercise will never go out of style, but fitness trends are constantly evolving.

Women’s Health, The ONE Motivational Quote

For all the love, for all my dreams, and for all those that can’t, press on.

It’s not surprising she would see changes after swapping her regular cardio workouts for strength training.

Pedaling away at hyper-speed doesn’t just build your lower-body strength.

You shouldn’t “HIIT” it hard every day

“For kids who are serious about sports, it’s also important to have at least one rest day per week.”

“With the increase in obesity and the blending of physical activity as medicine, there are increasingly more opportunities”

Working your arms above your head during aerobic exercise really has a terrific caloric burn affect

Strength training exercises that can help you in your daily activities, from vacuuming your home to playing with the grandkids

IDEA Health & Fitness Association, Fit Tech for Kids: Boon or Bust?

Experts discuss the pros and cons of integrating technology into children’s exercise programming.

Your out-of-office summer vacation days are limited, so find out how you can make the most of them. Check out three ways you can maximize your break.

Some changes can happen pretty quickly, while others take months to really impact your routine.

Several national health and fitness experts share tips on how athletes new to running can safely and effectively begin incorporate it into their workout routines.

While aesthetics may drive many people toward core exercises, top experts share why we really need strong, supportive abdominal muscles.

Author of “Going the Distance,” Cris Dobrosielski, CSCS, CPT, HC, shares his insight on training techniques after marathon swimmer Doug McConnell accomplishes feat.

Find out how older adults can learn to easily incorporate exercise into their lives.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every day, but if you do the same thing in the same order all the time, the body gets used to it”

Find out how older adults can learn to easily incorporate exercise into their lives.

ACE Consultant Cris Dobrosielski shares his insight on why it’s never too late for older adults to start exercising and work toward achieving a higher quality of life.

Despite being named part of one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, personal trainers should still take a personal inventory before opening a studio.

Cris Dobrosielski, CSCS, CPT, CHC, joins behavioral psychologist Dr. Michael Mantell to discuss why small goals is the most sustainable path to healthy change.

Cris Dobrosielski, CSCS, CPT, CHC, and ACE Chief Science Officer Cedric Bryant, PhD, discuss the growth of personal trainers with Bigad Shaban of CBS News.

Cris Dobrosielski, CSCS, CPT, CHC, weighs in on a George Washington University study that found kids are happier in sports when coaches focus on positivity.

Belly bulge afflicts even the most active people around the holidays, but there’s a proven way to defeat it.

Psssst … it all starts at home, and it’s about making exercise fun

You may be in a tough place but knee discomfort doesn’t mean you have to cut exercise out completely.


The Journal on Active Aging, HIIT: High-intensity interval training

“HIIT is simply a form of interval training—a series of work and rest periods done in prescribed intervals.”

“Upper-body strength is important, too, as is fitness in the legs. But core strength often is overlooked,” says Dobrosielski, “even though it’s key to so many daily tasks.”

Cris Dobrosielski, CSCS, CPT, CHC, joins behavioral psychologist Dr. Michael Mantell to offer their insight on how physical activity can do wonders in altering brain chemistry.

San Diego Union-Tribune, Get Maximum Benefit from Pool Workout

Discover a few swimming-specific stretches and strengthening tips that can make time in the water more rewarding and help prevent injuries.

The Record (New Jersey), Buff is the New Skinny

Experts discover how and why weight training has become more popular among women, who have changed their goals from trying to achieve “skinny” to gaining muscle.

Newbury Port News, Making Waves

After placing third in the men’s run-swim-run competition (40-44 age division) at the USLA National Lifeguard Competiton, Cris Dobrosielski, CSCS, CPT, CHC, is profiled.

Cal Surf, A Season of Change

Association of Fitness Studios, June Studio Spotlight – Monumental Results



Lunge Variations, Hip Stability and Trunk Flexibility

Core Stability, Back Extensions

Advanced Trunk Flexion

Function for Sport and Life

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