Cris’s authenticity, currency, relativity and concern for the health and well being of the whole body, spirit and soul are only some of his greatest qualities. Any athlete and fitness enthusiast wanting to do what they love longer and better would do well by spending as much time as possible with this little big man.

Bill Walton
Member, Basketball Hall of Fame

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The plan Cris lays out in Going the Distance is an excellent mental and physical tool for adult athletes, in any sport, who want minimize the risk of injury and maintain a high level of performance. One of the biggest challenges I have is finding the time to do anything other than my swim training. Cris’ recipe is intelligent, efficient, and best of all; the exercises can be done right on the pool deck before and after practice. Thanks Cris.

Rowdy Gaines
3x Olympic Gold Medalist


I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet Cris and to train with SDCKT under the leadership of this talented coach, and in addition, unusually pleasant and positive person. Cris is super professional, as evidenced by his own tremendous physical shape. He is a master of his craft, knowing how to build a load for the benefit, and does it with gusto. He is a wizard at finding a common language, and making a compliment, scolding or encouraging at the pertinent time.

Representing the Russian national team for 10 years in various international competitions, I need to continually advance my fitness and constantly improve my methods of training. Coach Cris and his Going the Distance philosophy have made an invaluable contribution in helping me make new “steps forward” in my preparation for the upcoming competitive season. Thank you Cris!

Yulia Kachalova
2012 Russian Olympian, Canoe/Kayak
Member SDCKT


Going the Distance is real world and pure… Distilled from years of an open heart, mind and body pushing to, through and away from pain. This book speaks to all …from the most elite racer in any sport all the way to those who are more focused on the race of life.

Scott Shoemaker
MD Orthopedic Surgeon, Kaiser Permanente


The balanced and gradually progressive approach in this book is in contrast to many “one-size-fits-all,” “no-pain, no-gain” models that make the same aggressive recommendations to forty-five year-olds that they do to twenty year-olds. For a creative, sound approach to foundational training, I wholeheartedly recommend Going the Distance.

Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer, American Council on Exercise


It has been a very, very long year for me and I feel that Cris and his Going the Distance approach, more than anyone else in my life, helped me through my pain, both physically and emotionally.

My journey is not over yet. My plan is to have full recovery and hopefully by the summer (if not sooner), be back to hiking and doing yoga pain-free and I know Cris will help me accomplish this goal.

Danielle Hammerman, MD ObGyn
Pre and Post Surgical Client


Thank you Cris for sharing your Five Pillar message in Going the Distance. Over the last decade your methods for integrating flexibility, stability, and recovery of the body and the mind into warm ups and cool downs have helped me move fluidly and enjoy life with more confidence than most people half my age.

Noel M. Wheeler
Realtor, Ascent Real Estate, Inc.

Cris energetically brings decades of research and experience in an easy-to-follow personalized roadmap for optimal lifetime fitness whether on the playing field or in the gym. Cris passionately and simply describes his famed “Five Pillar” approach to daily living for optimal athletic longevity, and from my behavioral psychology lens, this book not only serves flexibility, stability and recovery for the body, but for the mind as well…this is a winner…

Michael Mantell, Ph.D.
Senior Fitness Consultant Behavioral Science American Council On Exercise


This book speaks volumes to the importance and value of proper warm up, cool down, flexibility, and dynamic stability for the overhead athlete. It is a great resource not only for injury prevention, but for performance enhancement as well.

Jay Gerzmehle, CHT
Sharp Reese Stealy


As an active 70-year-old paddler, biker and runner, it has been increasingly beneficial for me to apply the principles advocated by Cris In Going the Distance – flexibility training, proper warm-up prior to exercising, and an attention to cooling down to stay injury free.

Jim Williams
Masters athlete, Youth Coach


Cris’s approach to developing functional flexibility, stability and proper recovery, by means of warm-up and cool-down is both efficient and intelligent. If you want to play, train and race with more enthusiasm, and fewer avoidable injuries, the spirit and the science of Going the Distance will make a profound difference on your journey.

Paul Stricker, MD
Sports Medicine Scripps Clinic
Olympic Physician


The whole-body plan for optimal fitness and injury prevention that Cris lays out in Going the Distance continues to help our young Junior athletes develop a lifelong/ livelong approach to sports and competition. Cris’ approach and methodology has taken our team to new levels of speed and fitness by helping all of us achieve improved flexibility, balance, and raw athleticism!

Chris Barlow
1992 USA Canoe/Kayak Olympian
Head Coach of San Diego Canoe Kayak Team