Cris Dobrosielski is a first class, elite trainer, an inspiring athlete and a very good man. He has personally shared his fitness/rehab expertise with me and a number of my closest friends.  He is fantastic on all fronts. His philosophy is sound, his personality dynamic and his vision clear and pure. His decades of experience and wealth of hands-on training make him an invaluable member of our team and plan.

Cris’ authenticity, currency, relativity and concern for the health and well being of the whole body, spirit and soul are only some of his greatest qualities. Any athlete and fitness enthusiast wanting to do what they love longer and better would do well by spending as much time as possible with this “little big man.” Cris Dobrosielski is truly a giant.

Thanks Cris, for making such a positive difference—in so many ways.

Bill Waltonwalton
Entrepreneur/ NBA Hall of Fame Athlete, San Diego, CA




Monumental Results was way more than just improving my athleticism through Cris’s cross training program; it taught me the mindset I needed to have that led me to become the collegiate swimmer I always wanted to become. Coach Cris incorporated his teachings throughout his various types of vigorous workouts that always required mind and body. Throughout every gym session, beach workout, phone call from college, and post workout burrito meals, he was teaching me how to become a calm, patient athlete and truly embrace the main reason why I did what I did as an athlete, because I loved it. He called this the style of athleticism the “peaceful warrior”. I loved Cris’s philosophy of the peaceful warrior and all the ways he incorporated that mindset into his workouts. In the end, it not only helped me become an All American, but it provided with a new insight for how to approach life.

Monumental Results was also nothing but fun. Cris always says “If it ain’t fun it ain’t worth it”. Cris created an atmosphere where we could get incredible workouts that would also put smiles on our faces the entire time. And training with the other team members of Monumental Results, that was the best part. Doing those Team Monumental group gym, pool, or beach workouts would often times be the highlight of my day. Even if it meant getting up at 6 in the morning to do a group beach or pool workout, I always looked forward to it because I knew how fun it would be. The fun that comes with Monumental results is no doubt the best part of Team Monumental.

Zackary Wallace
Graduate Student Georgetown University
12 x Collegiate Swimming All American, Tufts University



When I began my career with Team Monumental in High School, I never knew the amazing opportunities that it would bring me further on. Having Cris, the strong minded warrior poet, as a mentor, guided me down a path of long lasting friendships and a love for the various activities I do in my life. The few years I spent with Cris in his dojo helped shape who I am as a person today and I will forever be grateful for that!

Parker Sealle
5 x CIF Champion
5 School Swimming Records
San Diego, CA


My son is going to be a D1 student-athlete in college next year. Cris’s work with him has been invaluable, both mentally and physically. Over the two years Pierce has worked with Cris he has grown in maturity, strength and is much better able to handle stressful situations both during competition and in life. Simply put, Cris and the Team Monumental experience has been amazing.

Kathleen Dietze
San Diego, CA


Cris has been a personal friend for many years and I have watched him produce phenomenal athletes through his Team Monumental training program. When it was time for my daughter, a second year, Division 1 water polo player, to work with a personal trainer for some off-season fitness I immediately turned to Cris.

He not only helped her to return to college in the top physical condition of her life but also significantly more confident in her abilities in the water. I was amazed at Karli’s physical and emotional transformation in the short time she spent on the Team Monumental plan. I can’t thank Cris enough for his devotion to my daughter’s success.

Michele Canale



Cris is not only a great coach but a mentor who always speaks from the heart. Workouts with him are full of fun, banter and high intensity.

He is an example of fitness and good health which he gladly shares with anyone I have seen him meet. I am so grateful for the effort he has put into me. It has helped in the pool, in surf racing and in life.

Austin Takeda
US Coast Guard
Team Captain UCSD Men’s Swimming and Diving 2017-2018
San Diego, CA


Cris has been my trainer and my life coach for more than a decade. When I met Cris, my goal was simply to “get back in shape” after several years of inactivity. What I didn’t expect was that Cris would not only help me surpass my physical goals, but he would help strengthen my mental and spiritual wellness too.

Through my training with Cris, his words of wisdom, and his constant encouragement, I realize that I can accomplish anything. Cris has coached me through 10 pounds of weight loss and 50% body fat reduction, two job changes, one career change, several financial difficulties, and a divorce. Any one of these life obstacles could derail a person or even defeat them. It was Cris’ coaching style, the challenging yet fun workouts, his belief in me, and the confidence he helped instill in me that made me thrive during these situations. His philosophy is to take overwhelming challenges and break them down into manageable tasks. Through that I realize that I can do any seemingly impossible physical challenge for two minutes and that I can survive unpleasant life situations with the right mental attitude and a plan for change.

Knowing Cris is a true blessing in my life. I never take for granted my time with him and I always end a session with him learning more about myself than when I started.

Noel Wheeler, RMS
Realtor, Ascent Real Estate, Inc. San Diego, CA




The approach to performance improvement that I was exposed to with Team Monumental was different from any other training I’ve ever experienced. The time we spent in the gym and in Coach Cris’s rehab clinic helped strengthen and restore me physically and mentally.

One of the most important lessons I learned during the time I spent with Coach was overcoming the limitations I had put on myself. I learned to replace my doubts, fears and negative thoughts with practical mental and behavioral techniques, that continue to help me in athletics and in life at college.

Johny Dickerson
Student-Athlete UC Boulder
2 x CIF Swimming Champion


In February 2009, several years after I had retired from running a major corporation, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, which consequently led to my being hospitalized and having 3 epidural injections. I was bedridden for 2 months, after which it was recommended that I do physical therapy. Being that I had always been very active physically, playing golf, tennis and exercising, I was hopeful that I would continue with all of these activities. However, now I was extremely concerned with what the future would bring.

I knew Cris, his exemplary character, the quality of his work ethic, and his incredible ability to focus his efforts on caring for and individualizing each client. Although we were oceans apart, I gave him a call, hoping he could advise me as to what to do.

He immediately set up a comprehensive program for me, including exercises and visuals, incorporating many long distance phone calls and numerous follow-ups. His emphasis on executing the program correctly and safely, was incredible.

Within months of working with Cris, I was again playing golf and exercising. Cris continues to monitor my progress, continually making adjustments and improvements. With his comprehensive exercise program my quality of life has returned to where it was, and I am hopeful that his excellent ongoing care and program adjustments will continue into the future. I could not have progressed to where I am now without Cris’ assistance, and I am very grateful. Thank You!

Don Cannava
Former CEO, Bowne Of Boston, Boca Raton FL




We invited Cris Dobrosielski to our school during Red Ribbon Week to discuss the importance of embracing a balanced, healthy lifestyle and to “Say Yes To Healthy Living.” He spoke to all of our 250 students in way that was age appropriate, energetic, inspiring, and FUN! He was able to challenge and engage all of our children from kindergarten through eighth grade, as well as our faculty and staff.

Cris’ expertise in exercise and nutrition keenly increased our awareness of the importance and lifelong benefits of making small improvements over time. His advise on setting attainable goals and the practical guidelines for implementing those strategies was concrete, motivating and refreshing.

Lessons learned during this presentation will certainly enrich our physical education program resulting in our students feeling better about themselves, more empowered to make better choices and feeling more motivated to learn in school. Cris is welcome on our campus anytime!

Mary Ann Thiebach
Assistant Principal
Good Shepherd Catholic School, San Diego, CA


As a 1992 Olympian in Canoe Kayak and a competitive athlete my entire life, I have very high expectations for anyone who calls them self a coach. Cris Dobrosielski has exceeded my expectations in executing his role as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for San Diego Canoe and Kayak Team. Our program focuses on preparing young athletes for National and International competition with many young paddlers earning spots on World Championship and Olympic Teams.

Cris knows his stuff inside and out, he’s an incredible role model of life long fitness for the young athletes and perhaps most importantly he’s an excellent teacher who cares deeply for his students. Although we are in the early stages of building a comprehensive Strength and Conditioning Program, the work Cris has done over the past year has had a significant impact on our team’s great success at the National and International Level. I can’t thank this volunteer coach enough!

Chris Barlow
1992 Olympic Canoe Kayak Team
Head Coach – San Diego Canoe Kayak Team



In December 2009 when Cris and I reconnected after 20 plus years I was out of shape and in search of something that would get me back into shape. After several failed attempts to lose the belly and tone up, the timing for his call was perfect. I needed guidance, but not someone to shadow my every workout. I needed someone to hold me accountable and set the course to follow.

Cris brought focus and goal setting back into my life. He kept me ‘consistent’ with my gym attendance and our conversations about nutrition stayed at the forefront of my mind during meals. Cris is a fantastic listener and his sincerity in my progress was motivating. His knowledge of exercises, stretching and nutrition is very impressive. He knows how to work around fatigue and injury so that you can continue to make progress even with a setback. Don’t get me wrong, I had my struggles with gym attendance, overeating sweets and portion control, but he always kept a steady course. Cris would always be positive and say “Put it behind you and get back on the horse. Focus on today.”

After 8 months of guided fitness instruction, fifteen pounds and 4 inches across my midsection later, I am no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off at the beach.

I am thankful Cris re-entered my life. I feel it may have been fate for us to re-connect. Due in large part to Cris’ genuine concern I felt comfortable sharing my goals and doubts. On-line and by phone he helped me put together a comprehensive training routine which included those areas like flexibility and safe gradual progression which I have historically struggled with. The routine Cris set up worked within the parameters of my family and work responsibilities.

Thanks to Cris’ coaching and consistent feedback I was even able to get back to playing organized basketball, without injury after many failed attempts to do so over the last decade. I am not the player I was 25 years ago but I was able to play hard, be effective and wake up the next day able to play some more and still pick up my two little girls! I know I am one of many that are in a better place because of him.

Bobby Licare
Sr Loan Consultant, Sovereign Bank, MA
1986-1988 Basketball All American, NCAA National Champion 1988



The work I did with Cris my junior and senior year of high school and during my breaks at home from my freshman year at the US Naval Academy were some of the best training I’ve ever gotten. His combination of explosive neurological training with endurance work has played a huge role in making me the swimmer I am today. A particular training that stands out with me is the interval bike training we did my senior year of high school, cranking out 90 second intervals at max resistance to simulate the time and pain of a 200 freestyle. It’s things like that which make Team Monumental unlike any other cross training I’ve ever been exposed to.

The joy and satisfaction of winning the 200 free at CIF finals, after all that work my senior year and turning to my cheering teammates while throwing the Monumental fist pump is one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

Dominick Wallace
Student-Athlete US Naval Academy
Patriot Conference Silver Medalist
4 x CIF Champion
7 x School Record Holder


Cris, thanks for getting me started on a life changing approach to my fitness at age 76. You helped me understand how I could nurture my fitness and start a weight loss commitment.

I have lost 40 pounds, my cholesterol has dropped from 230 to 110, my glucose measure is down 40 percent, I sleep better and have more energy. Now I need to exercise, stretch and work out more.

You have a real gift in meeting people’s needs, no matter the age or condition of heath. Your passion for your profession and desire to help others is genuine and truly admirable.

I hope your new year goes well with great successes you deserve.

Richard Capen
Former US Ambassador to Spain and Publisher of The Miami Herald


As President of Ascent Real Estate I am committed to the core values Ascent represents. One of these values is to promote life balance. At Ascent we consider our staff and sales team “Corporate Athletes” and as such we believe all athletes need continual training and coaching.

Having personally had the benefit of training with Cris for approximately 3 years I knew first hand of his commitment to fitness. He is a true professional athlete himself and a Great Coach! When recently introduced to his “Five Pillars of Lifelong Fitness” I knew it would be a sound program based upon solid health principals that I would be proud to promote.

Cris hosted a presentation at one of our Company monthly “Fit Club” meetings. His presentation was engaging, relevant, high energy and very motivating. It focused on how busy professionals can incorporate true fitness into their daily routines. No need for fancy gadgets and available to all fitness levels Cris’s presentation was valued by all in attendance.

It is my personal recommendation that corporate institutions nationwide whether they have 2 employees or 2000 become involved in the promotion of the health of their employees and sales staff. Such involvement has helped Ascent Real Estate with increased sales and happier more motivated company associates. Cris’ “Five Pillars of Lifelong Fitness” is a great tool to companies who would like to incorporate fitness and reap the rewards of happier, healthier, more productive people.

Penny Nathan
President, Ascent Real Estate Corporation
San Diego, CA


A year ago, at age 33, I found myself in an epic struggle with back pain caused by two herniated discs. I thought I’d never reclaim the quality of life I took for granted without major surgery.

When I turned to Cris for help, I wondered if his residence in San Diego would prevent him from providing significant relief to me in New York. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he easily constructed an affective plan for my particular ailments with only a few, very focused conversations. Cris identified my needs over the phone and sent me a comprehensive photo guide of stretches and strength exercises via email that I used in my house and gym to recover. Cris also researched an east coast Physical Therapist for me whose skill set best complemented our plan. The follow-up was consistent and his concern for my recovery was sincere.

Cris Dobrosielski clearly demonstrates a passion for fine tuning the human machine and an honest compassion for those of us struggling to get it running again! Thanks to Cris, I’m feeling better about my back now than I have in two years and I believe I am on the path to long-term, overall health improvement.

Frank Cannava
Advertising Executive, New York




Training with Cris is not training in the physical sense alone. Cris molds both the body and the mind, weaving them both seamlessly through intense client specific work and meaningful life stories/lessons that help everyone, competitor, patient and friend alike, grow.

The work is tough, as it should be. There are never any shortcuts, no cover-ups. But at the end of the day, it shows.

Jacob Cardenas
Student-Athlete, Chapman College
CIF Swimming Champion



During my time as Head Coach at the highest level of club soccer (Premier), it has become very clear to me that pre—season fitness development is an essential ingredient to post season playoff success. It is for that reason that I hired Cris over a decade ago to help both my club and high school teams. Cris plays an integral role in developing and implementing our strength and conditioning programs. Cris’ delivery is always professional, consistent and positive.

He addresses things that Head Coaches often take for granted or don’t have time for, like injury prevention and stretching. Cris has developed specific dynamic warm-up and cool-down routines for both practices and games. The deliberate, detailed and cumulative way Cris introduced the above techniques was reflected in our athletes’ superior aerobic capability, open field speed and in an unbelievably low incidence of serious injury.

Marc Thiebach
Head Women’s Soccer Coach
Francis Parker High School (CIF Champions)


I have learned so much from working out with Cris. He is an amazing, inspirational person and has taught me a lot about my health, my nutrition and my lifestyle. When I first started with Cris, I did not know much about healthy eating habits and healthy living. I also was pretty out of shape and did not have much muscle mass. He used to say I looked like a “baby deer” doing lunges, but I have thankfully gotten past that stage! Cris has given me great information and advice on my nutrition and eating habits and helped me learn how to eat well and maintain a healthy diet. I also have acquired lean muscle mass and have gotten much stronger.

Every week I look forward to our workouts! Not only do I get a great workout, but we also talk about my fitness and nutrition in the past week as well as my goals in the upcoming week. Cris’ passion for health and fitness has inspired and encouraged me to consistently strive for a healthier lifestyle. He has been truly dedicated to helping me achieve ALL my fitness and health goals with a positive and uplifting attitude. I am so excited and grateful for all that I have learned and continue to learn with Cris!

Jennifer Sundt
Graduate Student




I have worked with Cris at international racing competitions, high performance group training camps and individually in the gym and on the water.

Cris’s positive attitude and vast knowledge of training allows him to keep things exciting and fresh, whether it be in the gym or on the water, day in and day out. Leaving the experienced athlete or those just getting started striving for ways to continue to better themselves and those around them.

It is always a pleasure to get a session in with Cris and I look forward to being part of the growth of Team Monumental for many more years to come!

Tim Burdiak
American Canoe Association National Sprint Kayak Team
World Life Saving Champion
3 x USLA National Champion



As a former Head Cross Country coach at a nationally competitive university, I was constantly looking for better ways to improve performance and decrease the likelihood of injury for my male and female athletes. Cris’ skillful use of therapeutic massage and rehabilitation techniques have significantly contributed to those ends for 6 years.

During that time he helped scores of our athletes deal with the physical and mental stress of competition at an institution that demands high academic performance as well as elite level athletic performance. Cris’ experience as a Head Coach for collegiate Track and Field and Cross Country, as well as his skills in the area of strength and conditioning, added to his credibility with our athletes. His insight for enhancing peak performance has been invaluable.

Ted Van Arsdale
Former Men’s & Women’s Varsity Cross Country Coach
University of California, San Diego


On Friday, June 18th, Cris Dobrosielski returned to the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence for what can only be considered one of the most effective workshops our kids have had all year. Living in the city of Lawrence, our children are faced with the daily challenges of drugs, violence, peer pressure, and various other life- changing situations. Though we’ve come to understand the importance of healthy living and eating, rarely do we get the opportunity to have a trained professional educate our children on this issue. Cris’ experience in the field, as well as his knowledge and understanding, were vital factors in the success of his workshop.

A former member of the LBGC, Cris’ intimate knowledge of the city of Lawrence, and our children, were also key factors that allowed him to better connect with our kids and get his message across. Cris spent the day at the LBGC discussing the ins and outs of exercising, diet, and nutrition, and provided the kids with a platform to better understand the benefits of being active. His message to our kids proved to transcend his workshop, as our kids are still reaping the benefits of his teaching.

I am truly appreciative of Cris’ work, and the doors of the LBGC are always open to him.

Manny Ayala
Program Director
Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, Massachusetts


In late ’05, with the prospect of a grueling international travel schedule facing me in the the spring of ’06, I retained Cris’ services as a personal trainer a couple of times per week, thirty minutes each session. My goals were simple: improve my stamina and muscular endurance.

I trusted Cris for many years as my massage therapist, so I expected results, but I did not expect such significant results within the first weeks. It is truly incredible. A handful of full body resistance training exercises and some specific cardio—respiratory training designed to meet my specific goals have worked wonders over the past 5 years.

The program is delivered in a clean, SAFE environment, under the direction of an intelligent and caring clinician. In terms of cost benefit, it is a “no-brainer.” I haven’t felt this good since I was 24, well over a half—century ago! Further, I would never get this level of results from a gym or by doing it myself.

Bob Miller
Zipline South American Jungle
Business Consultant, Author, San Diego, CA



It was the Mission Valley YMCA’s great honor to host The Five Pillars of Lifelong Fitness Workshop conducted by Cris Dobrosielski on February 26, 2011. Cris’ dynamic personality combined with his exceptional background as a certified strength and conditioning coach, his expertise in fitness development and injury prevention, and his experience as a former athlete gave him the perfect tools to present a workshop on lifelong well-being for aging athletes. Workshop participants praised the information and practical skills they obtained from Cris during the 90 minute presentation. The Five Pillars workshop was thorough in scope and inspiring in its goal to maintain lifelong activity. Cris’message resonated with the mission of the YMCA, improving the quality of life and helping people realize their fullest potential, and was motivating to participants. It is my sincere hope that Cris will once again share his talents and gifts with the Mission Valley YMCA and its members.

Colette VandenBroeck
Fitness Department Head
Mission Valley YMCA


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