Participation not Perfection

Participation not Perfection

I was talking with a friend of mine this morning after a particularly painful and not so pretty swim. We got talking about how so many of us put off participating in all kinds of things until we feel “ready”. By ready it might mean more fit, more prepared, better studied, the list could go on and on depending on the activity that’s being procrastinated.

There are those few things life where you get only one shot at and best might be to fully dial in preparation before engaging, but then… there’s the gigantic proportion of activities and endeavors where waiting till perfect participation (as if such a thing exists) is possible, really makes no sense.

Learning and progress are cumulative, that is the more times we try, the more we attend, the more chances we take, the more vulnerable we become as beginners, novices and out of shapers, the better we get, it’s often not pretty but it is predictable and that simple.

I am thankful for the time that I spent with my friend today, all of it, expanding my fitness, dropping disappointing times on my intervals and the down time we enjoyed in the jacuzzi, solving all of life’s most vexing questions and just being out on a gorgeous spring morning.

Don’t wait for the “right day” to lean in to your goals, dreams, or ambitions, I recommend getting out of your own way and stepping through the all or nothing thinking and dive in, it will change you for the better, from the inside out!

Train smart, haver fun and never give up!


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