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Call (858) 232-6116

Small consistent change,
over a significant period of time,
leads to Monumental Results

Whether your goal is optimal lifelong fitness, athletic development, weight loss, or injury recovery, Cris Dobrosielski, author of Going the Distance, can help you exceed your own expectations.

The Monumental Results philosophy emphasizes small, proximal steps towards achieving great goals. Cris has been transforming lives for decades through safe, intelligent, hand crafted training programs, and by building relationships based on mutual trust and accountability. The Monumental Results clients achieve go far beyond physical fitness.

People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities, from NFL athletes to recovering stroke patients, come to Cris to maximize their health and fitness and improve the quality of their lives.

Going the Distance: Competitor Magazine's 2013 Best Running Books

Cris Dobrosielski CSCS, CPT, MT


"Cris Dobrosielski is a first class, elite trainer, an inspiring athlete and a very good man. He has personally shared his fitness/rehab expertise with me and a number of my closest friends. He is fantastic on all fronts. His philosophy is sound, his personality dynamic and his vision clear and pure."
~Bill Walton, 6th Man Award 1986; World Champion Boston Celtics

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