Peaceful Easy Feeling

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Writing from the not so lofty heights of my humble tropical balcony. Hot, strong cup of home made Pete’s going, while nursing some outrageously delicious dark chocolate n raw almonds.  Fresh local greens, grass fed beef and southern pacific lobster tails digesting and helping my body repair from a 90 minute run/swim/ paddleboard workout.

So often, so much going on, pressing in, deadlines, commitments, ambitions, worries… it can be so hard to be in the present and acknowledge the abundance, beauty  and the divine that is yours even when it’s on top of you.. But tonight, right now… I’ve found it and I’m leaning into it.

It’s not luck and it’s not coincidence,  it’s the result of more deliberate living, turning certain machines and switches to the off position and stepping into the space left vacant and noticing things.

Wishing all of you peace that transcends understanding and a great week.





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