Education and the Art of Fin Installation

Education and the Art of Fin Installation

John Dewey was spot on when he said,

“Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.”

The idea that education happens only (really, if at all) in the classroom, seminars or within the walls of even the most prestigious institutions is a preposterous.

Education happens when you put yourself in an environment where you your heart, body, mind or soul are stretched and then have the freedom to embrace, engage, process and APPLY the lessons learned.

Each of the three young men pictured, learned how to install a paddle board fin today and their work got more efficient with each fin they installed.

They learned by doing, learned form their mistakes and took pride in the fruit of their labor by riding the boards they made!

Remember a process of living… not preparation for some far off day.


Train smart, have fun and never give up, n Don’t stop learning

Coach Cris


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