Imagine you wake up… feeling rested, thankful for the person next to you or perhaps thankful for the space you have to yourself…

Imagine you stroll to your window, or poke your head out the front door and you notice and think, how beautiful today is, how sweet the sound of the birds, how amazing the warm or bitter cold air feels on your face.

Imagine that when you think of the day that lies ahead, you think of  how pregnant with possibility all of your potential interactions, relationships, and thousands of moments are. Each a gift…

If…. you don’t think that the person, space, air, interaction, relationship, freedom, that you have is gift, perhaps consider the lover whose spouse was ripped away by disease, the soldier whose body was sacrificed for the cause, the person gripped and smothered by the heavy hand of depression, the ordinary person who made an extraordinary mistake and whose life was forever changed…

Freedom is a gift, choice is a gift, this moment really is a gift…Change your imagination, change the way you look at your day, your life… and they genuinely begin to change.

Carpe Diem Amigos,




2 thoughts on “Imagine

    1. Cris Dobrosielski Post author

      “Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.”

      Thanks Mindy, I know you doing great things today!
      OC is so lucky to have you!

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