The Rest of The Story

The Rest of The Story

As the older SDCKT warriors took the SUP warm out at a lightning pace, I circled back with the youngest tribesman whose little arms and torso had him a bit behind. Our silence was broken when the young tribesman said, “I got in trouble in school today coach.”

Me- oh, how come?

Him- for jumping, he said, I was just trying to see if I could touch a hanging pole.

Me- Interesting, with your strength I bet you got that pole.

Him- Almost, with his precious french accent.

A couple of times during the work out as I watched all our champions apply themselves to some spirited HIIT training, I thought, that’s the problem with some schools, they don’t let kids move, I think some jumping would do a young boy or girl well.

As we cooled down trotting steadily, in Chariots of Fire formation through the soft sand around McCarthy Point, I asked my young student who had earlier shared his penance with me, so why did they punish you for jumping, I just don’t get it?

Him- The teacher said I could get hurt and that the wall I was jumping off was way to high for jumping off…”

Ah…, I thought, not jumping, but jumping up, and off a wall to touch a beam much higher than the wall.

Now I understood and that’s the rest of the story.



Train smart, have fun and never ever give up,

Coach Cris


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