Best Friends

Best Friends

I was having a conversation with friend of mine yesterday and while telling me about another mutual friend he added matter of factly, “he’s my best friend,” then silence and no more words… and his simple statement  went straight to my heart and filled the room with a sweet, simple sense of goodness.

I woke up this morning thinking about that moment and here’s a little bit of why I think it moved me so significantly.

  1. The person he was talking about was his older brother and I just think thats precious and so telling.
  2. The clarity of his conviction is a rare thing in a world that sometimes seems so relative. A 9 year old often talks of their “best friend” and its sweet, a sort of wisdom that comes from innocence, but when an adult uses that language, with such authentic sentiment it shows a wisdom that comes from experience which is in some ways even more powerful.

After the natural little moment of silence that followed my friend’s comment I asked him what what he admired most about his brother/best friend and again with complete conviction and no pause he answered, “his compassion and his work ethic.” Again silence filled the room room…Compassion and work ethic…, what better attributes could a person have, I thought.

In times where so many of us can be preoccupied with coming and going and doing things,   being anywhere but in the moment we find ourselves, the moment I had with my friend and the beautiful glimpse he gave me into his relationship with his lion hearted brother reminded me of the things that matter the most in life, people, relationships and qualities that improve the world and improve humanity if only the world we live in and the humanity we influence every day.

Whose your best friend? Why do love em so much? Have you told em lately?



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