Your Quest

The New Year has me surrounded by people trying to change their health, personal habits and quality of life and I love it. I call this the pursuit of CIG.

– Change
– Improvement
– Growth

What ever your CIG pursuit looks like, one of the essential keys to sticking with it and staying on track during those uncomfortable moments of choice and on those days when the original inspiration is hiding behind fatigue, distraction or a blueberry muffin is the way that you frame the process.

A mom doesn’t stop being mom cause she’s tired or distracted, a coach doesn’t stop coaching because it’s mid season and the schedule is dull, a clergy-person doesn’t stop being a pastor because they’re tired of hearing people’s troubles and woes.

Each of the above recognizes what they have signed up for, recognizes the long term importance of their commitment and does their best day in and day out to follow through, cause it matters and because they made the commitment. It’s who they are even if they are not feeling it, no, especially when they are not feeling it. On those days they show up and lean in to what needs to be done, it’s their story, it’s part of the arch of their life.

I believe the way we frame our goal and plan helps to keep it hearty and decreases the likelihood of quitting either all at once or a little at time.

Our goals are our quests, they are an essential part of our personal development which is an essential part of living a full life. Our willingness to stick to them is part of the writing of the rest of our story, a story that can be filled with positive change, improvement and growth or one that can be lined with well intentioned, half hearted attempts that fail when we lose connection to our goal and justify giving in.

Just because you are losing doesn’t mean you’ve lost, just because you fading doesn’t mean you’ve faded.

I encourage any eyes on these words to remember that your goals matter, a lot, and that framing them as a worthy part of your life story and bellying up to the discomfort will change your life and life of those you embrace.

Train smart, have fun and never give up,
Coach Cris


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