Alone I am strong, together you and I can be even stronger, far better still, is the exponential power of Us.

A collection of folks often from different backgrounds, with differing resources and talents, bringing different histories, narratives and scars to the battle.   In common however is a vision of making life, our neighborhoods, towns, (and the list keeps expanding) better.

Us doesn’t mean we agree on everything or share the same religion or political views. It does mean we recognize and stand committed to common values of kindness, decency, respect for ALL of gods children and a willingness to do the work and stand arm to improve the quality of life and the promise of better days for everybody.

We acknowledge that we are different and yet we also agree that our visions and commitment to a better world are more the same than they are different.

Us is not easy and certainly prickly at times but it’s a place where the ball is moved forward and respect, community and love rules the halls.

Friendship, strength and honor,





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