begin somewhere…

begin somewhere…

A dear friend sent me this gift (poem) and gift from a friend is a wish for happiness. Now I send it to each of you. If you find that it resonates please pass it along. CD


Maybe Not

Begin somewhere.

Take one deep breath and dive.

Plunge into the core of your most persistent fear. Or your greatest joy.

Grow comfortable with the act of exploration, well maybe not comfortable but confident of your ability to be sure footed on slick rocks, steady while the wind gusts. Well maybe not entirely confident but willing to set out despite persistent doubts, breathing your way into whatever you are facing. Well maybe not even all that willing, but you take it any way, that first step into the unknown.

Courage is starting where there is no secure outcome, no sure result. The secret is you can begin again at any time.

Take one deep breath and dive.

By Dana Faulds



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