More Living, Loving and Learning

More Living, Loving and Learning

In a land and in a life filled with so much opulence, abundance and opportunity sometimes I forget that life is not so easy or so plentiful for many.

Some heavy challenges have landed on some people very dear me in the recent past and I have once again been reminded of the preciousness of life, connection and health basic and exquisite.

One is fighting for air, literally, one is fighting for hope with a dark physical prognoses and one is fighting for relief from a heart broken wide open with a permanent loss.

These are people I love, inner circle folks to me. As I think about my challenges, and I have a few right now, I feel a little embarrassed to even name them as they are so small on the scale of real significance.

This message IS NOT meant to discourage, in fact the opposite. It is my hope, through my sharing, that perhaps you can put your challenges, big or small into perspective and double down on the opportunity that you wake up to each morning.

For my comrade who fights for her breath, I encourage you to breath deeply in rest and in seething workout, be thankful for your healthy lungs and dedicate your enthusiastic breath work to a sweet old women who needs your dedicated prayer.

For my over achieving comrade who fights for extremity movement and stable health, I encourage you to feel every swim stroke, paddle stroke, bench press, pull-up or the simple blessing of cutting the meat on your plate with a functional arm and hand.

For my comrade whose in the process, slow painful process, of restoring her broken heart, I encourage you to hug, kiss and tell the people that mean the most to you how much they matter, often and clearly.

If the unfortunate pain and loss others face leads us to a deeper empathy for the hurting and a keener appreciation for what we have then in some way, their pain and loss is more than just that and although we prefer the lesson another way, it tips the scale towards more righteous living, loving and learning.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,




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