In response to significant demand, Monumental Results has begun providing its expert fitness instruction to motivated people all across California and the United States. Whether you are in San Diego’s North County or northern New England, neither distance nor time need separate you from the world-class instruction, and motivation Cris and his team supply.

Unlike most internet training programs, the methodology and delivery system Cris has set up is completely personalized, detailed, and has a solid human component. All training programs are uniquely crafted and provide comprehensive instruction, authentic motivation and most importantly, deliver Monumental Results when executed consistently.

The Foundation of the Process

  • A personal relationship based on honesty and trust
  • Frequent and consistent communication
  • Detailed health history interview
  • Professional fitness assessment
  • Clear and well-organized goal development
  • Complete individualized training protocol
  • Sound nutritional guidance
  • Safe and progressive implementation plan
  • Comprehensive accountability measures

“When I turned to Cris for help, I wondered if his residence in San Diego would prevent him from providing significant relief to me in New York. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he easily constructed an effective plan for my particular ailments with only a few, very focused conversations. Cris identified my needs over the phone and sent me a comprehensive photo guide of stretches and strength exercises via email that I used in my house and gym to recover. Cris also researched an East Coast physical therapist for me whose skill set best complemented our plan. The follow-up was consistent and his concern for my recovery was sincere…”

-Frank Cannava

Over the last two decades, thousands of people, have accomplished their athletic/fitness goals with the help of Cris’s caring, professional, and insightful coaching. Distance or commute time are no longer barriers to experiencing the premier coaching experience Monumental Results Inc. provides through its Extended Reach Training. If you are determined to improve your health or take you game to the next level but can’t make it to our facility in San Diego, Extended Reach Training may be the right vehicle to get your physicality and your life where you want them to be. The results are profound, long-lasting, and truly Monumental.

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