The School of Lifelong Fitness

“Life is a journey, an endurance event, not a sprint.”

We believe that each of us has the privilege and the responsibility of molding and shaping our physical fitness and health. Although genetics play a significant role, our fitness routines, nutritional habits, and behavior choices are far better predictors of our health and wellness than our DNA. The School of Lifelong Fitness is dedicated to teaching and reinforcing the most integrated, effective and comprehensive physical fitness strategies available. People of all ages, shapes, abilities, and backgrounds come to this School with one common goal: to improve the quality of their lives.

Common Goals:

  • Improve body composition (decrease body fat, increase lean muscle)
  • Strengthen, stabilize and mobilize muscles and joints
  • Improve flexibility
  • Weight reduction
  • Injury rehabilitation (post-surgery, post-physical therapy)

Clients Include:

CEOs, retirees, consultants, retired professional and Hall of Fame athletes, full-time moms, real estate professionals, health care professionals, seniors, skilled laborers, loan officers, college students, former government officials, safety service officers, and teachers.


Watch Cris discuss his winning strategy for lifelong fitness.


Sessions include a Wellness Inventory which includes:

  • Health history
  • General fitness assessment
  • Goal development
  • Detailed fitness prescription which includes:
    -Aerobic fitness
    -Resistance training
  • Sound, scientifically based, nutritional guidance
  • Accountability plan

The Delivery

Sessions are typically done at the Monumental Results performance clinic located at the corner of Goldfinch and University Avenue on the southwestern rim of beautiful Mission Hills. In addition to our handsomely appointed fitness studio, we have a private outdoor training patio, where outdoor training provides variety, training stimulus, and fun.  Clients can begin and end their sessions with some transition time beside the peaceful bubbling waters in our private relaxation garden.  For those who prefer to train in the great outdoors, or who require softer surfaces to safely execute their routines, beach cruisers are commonly utilized to access the near by Pioneer and Presidio Parks.

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