Jack’s Example Lives On

At 96 Jack Lalanne decided to take a rest. He encouraged, inspired and entertained tirelessly for the better part of a century.
Keeping it Fun, Simple and Honest. Enthusiasm and discipline at the center of his message.

At 71 he pulled 71 boats with 71 people in them across the Sn Francisco Bay, with hand cuffs. Why? Cause he could.
To show the human will is stronger than the human body. To show there really are no limits, in any area of our life if we believe and do the work.

I have said for years that Jack is an important hero to me, watching some videos today reminds how true that is for me.
That I may bring a sliver of the hope and joy he has brought to so many people.

That all of today, and every day would do what we can to flex our potential, stop making excuses and be the athletes, the professionals, the dad, the mom, the uncle, the brother, The Good Humans Beings we know we are.

Thanks Jack for giving us permission to be better than we are right now.

RIP my brave and powerful and tender brother,
Coach Cris


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