Jack Lalanne Has Set The Bar At Just The Right Height

After watching video clips of my fallen hero and reading more of his bio, I was reminded of a simple and beautiful truth,
No matter where you’re at or how far you’ve traveled on any journey, taking the next step, right in front of you is all that matters.

During a 1 hour masters swim workout on Monday I was pondering Jack’s life long enthusiasm for helping and teaching and thinking about his feats of strength and determination. I thought perhaps I might encourage a few people with some public event. As I considered what type of physical challenge might be suitable I found my interest and motivation to finish the very workout I was doing had faded.

Thoughts of relaxing in the jacuzzi or getting back a little early to the office started to gain hold in my mind. I went from planning a lofty feat of strength in memory of a hero to barely having the staying power to finish what I started in the pool.

As a rule, I don’t have a hard time with Finishing Strong, as My good friend Dick Capen wrote so eloquently on. But my situation on Monday shines the light on what kind of unnecessary challenges we can set ourselves up for if we take our eyes off the ball and and get too far ahead of ourselves.

One of the reasons that so many people who set “new year fitness resolutions” have already given up is because their focus is on Spring time or summer time or their next birthday not on today and the challenges today holds in terms of keeping the promise they made to themselves.

Know where you want to go but BE Where You’re at. One challenge, one good decision, one small step in the direction of your ambition at a time. There is power in small steps. That’s what momentum is built from.

I finished the workout on Monday, I didn’t get out early. I stopped thinking about what expression of strength and determination I would perform for the benefit of others and instead in my own personal way exercised my will in a simple practical way that laid another little layer to my foundation.

Good luck in your little challenges (opportunities) today.
Friendship, Strength and Honor,
Coach Cris


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