The Best Thing That I do

As I walked away from the San Diego Canoe and Kayak Center today, where I conducted a workout for the brave young lads n lassies of our team, an old folk song by Bob Frankie ran thru my mind,

The song tells about a day the artist spent with his young daughter, going for walk, making pancakes, drawing pictures…

The refrain goes, “it may not be the thing I do best, But it’s the best thing that I do”.

That how I felt today. 15 kids giving me their best or at least honest about not giving me their best. Improving their fitness, stretching their limits, working out their issues, Showing Up. We laughed at each other and ourselves, we trained hard and and they will know they trained hard tomorrow.

Some kids could do 20 pull-ups, some could not do one but they all gave me their best and I gave them mine.
If all our relationships in business and in life could be so simple and honest.

I am a volunteer coach for the team and when I get real busy, too busy to have much free time or think I need to sock a little more money into my ira and I consider taking on another client in that time slot, on days like today, I am reminded of how sacred my thursdays with the kids are. No amount of $ could match the privilege of helping these awkward teenagers find their strength, their voice and their confidence,

What’s the best thing that you do? Remember, it may not be the thing you do best.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,
Coach Cris


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