The Sun Will Rise Tomorrow

The good good news is, Yes, “the sun will rise tomorrow.”

This was the sage wisdom of the jacuzzi today. 3,000 yards later, we all had reasons to get out of our workout early, to hold back or not show up at all.
But we each chose otherwise. We did show up and did the work. There was more pain and hurt in that cuz than there outa be, but in the end, 4 people sat/stood tall knowing there was all kinds of good reasons they could have let down their guard and let go of their goals, But they didn’t.

“Feel your feeling,
Know your purpose,
Do what needs to be done.”

This truth rang strong for me today, as it has in many times of frustration and uncertainty
over the last two decades since I heard it on some random self-help tape.

Be honest about what you are dealing with, hurt, pain confusion all ok..
Be clear about what drives you and about what you know to be essential
and then just get it done.

Many psychologists and well intentioned healers focus on only one of the above lines. Embrace all 3 and see what happens in the long run.

Hang in there and keep the faith,
Coach Cris

P. Cris Dobrosielski CPT, CSCS, CMT
Founder/Master Clinician, Balanced Health and Fitness
A Division of Monumental Results Inc.
858 232 6116

Small consistent change, over a significant period of time, leads to Monumental Results


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