What’s Really Impossible?

Short answer, NOTHING is really Impossible.

Yes, there can be huge odds to over come and yes there can be volumes of evidence to suggest the likely outcome, but impossible, Nothing is impossible.

History, literature, medical journals, sports highlights all filled with examples of things that “couldn’t happen” and definitely “shouldn’t have happened” but they did.

Tumors have disappeared, wounds have healed, teams that would lose 999/1000 some times win one, smart and persistent researchers have found cures to diseases that have previously decimated populations.

Not to minimize anybody’s need for a real miracel on a deep life threatening situation, but I was told twice on Sunday things were “impossible” and to my satisfaction I witnessed two “miracles”.

The first was occurred at the Verizon Store on La Village Drive and Nobel in San Diego and 2nd was with my beautiful nephew on Super Bowl Sunday.

At the Verizon store I was informed that a very basic (but very important) technical application was impossible on my new phone and that due to certain return corporate policies, “sorry I was stuck with the phone, there was nothing they could do.”

30 minutes later, a discussion with a regional supervisor/technical support expert, I had my choice of a new phone or just having them upload the feature I needed in a creative round about way. Impossible became possible. I cared enough to invest some time, and their upper level management cared enough to do what ever it took to retain a customer. Interesting…

To the customer service rep at the store that told me it was impossible, please study the technical manual.
To the store manager that said there was nothing he could do, Please research your options and care enough about satisfied customers to think outside your box.

Later that evening my nephew came to me in tears saying he couldn’t pick up all the toys his mom had asked him to take care of, “there are too many Uncle Dobs, it’s impossible”.

I gave him hug, told him he was smart and brave and asked him to go to his play room and put one toy away and come back and tell me if he was able to do so. He ran off, accomplished the small task and informed me of his success. I congratulated and challenged him to go back and try two toys this time. He did, he came back and had a visible sense of accomplishment. It had become a game and the next time he came back he informed me that ALL the toys were put away. I gave him a high five and couldn’t resist telling him about the power of taking small steps… over time and the way that leads to big (monumental) results.

We have to be careful what we call impossible.
Thinking outside the box and taking small steps on what seemed like an insurmountable tasks was enough to do the trick on Sunday.

What ever challenge you face in your life, what ever odds you are up against, I invite you to take a deep breath, connect to your purpose and press on. Faith + work + endurance (sometimes far more than you prefer) is powerful combination that often makes what seems like impossible, doable and is the DNA of “miracles”

Friendship, Strength and Honor,
Coach Cris

Small consistent change, over a significant period of time, leads to Monumental Results


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