Winter Is On The Ropes

I watched the sun have it’s way with the darkness this morning. The clouds and the dark were no no match for the red ball of fire this morning.
The blistering reds and the pinks were especially gorgeous because of the interplay and contrast of the dark storm clouds that are filling the California atmosphere.

They tell us it will rain all all day, but this didn’t stop the sun. Rise it did, made it’s presence felt (if only for a few glorious minutes) before the deep low clouds turned the sky back to a swirly grey.

Wherever you find yourself today, this week, this year, I encourage you to be brave like the sun. Get- up, let your glory shine regardless of the looming clouds or the forecast for rain. Your presence can and will make a difference to someone you don’t even know is paying attention.

I’m going on a walk about this weekend to relax, restore and connect with a dear friend and his family, I wish each of your a good weekend as we all round the corner and enter the last straight away of winter.

Friendship, strength and honor,


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