The Real Start

The Real Start

Although the gun, the whistle or the horn indicates the start of most races, the real start in my opinion, is that moment  when your body, mind and will have fatigued and you are ambushed by pain, discomfort and doubt.

The goal of training is to prepare so thoroughly that when those obstacles (I call em old friends) reveal themselves, you drive through that firestorm with complete focus, leaving feelings out of it.

There comes a time however in sports and in life when the challenge and fight is so difficult and bloody that you can’t get around looking at that those challenges and calling them what they are, Your Limits. Being confronted by your limits is where the opportunity for real achievement and growth begins.

I have friends, athletes, clients all over the country this championship weekend moving face to face with their limits.  This is day 3 of 3 for many. A convenient time to settle, compromise and justify.

Finish the job friends, it’s been a long year of preparation and it will be a long winter. The seconds you need for victory (however you define it) are in every thought, every stroke, every breath. Let pain, discomfort and doubt be your advisors, when they show up it is total confirmation that you are right on track for a peak performance.

Friendship, Strength and Honor, Coach Cris



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