What Defines Us

What Defines Us

As I watched the tenacious Lady Lancers of Francis Parker Prep. down another opponent, this time, 6-0, I was inspired and proud to be part of such a tough and classy team family.

Although our opponent was not the strongest we’ve faced thus far, after a slightly sluggish start, we played like it was the CIF Tournament. Hustle, relentlessness and 2nd efforts. The coldest night of the year was no match for our competitive fire and pursuit of excellence.

Frequently we are defined by are low moments, our mistakes, our transgressions, how we do on our bad days.  Tonight we showed up, got going and buried our opponent with sportsmanship, conviction and authority, when we could have skated by.

True Champions don’t turn “The gift” on only when needed, they lead with it and bring it every game,  practice, till it becomes who they are on and off the field.

Congrats Ladies,

Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris




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