Keep your head up

Keep your head up

As I was racing to the office this morning, feeling a little frustrated for breaking my own rule about giving myself plenty of time for the commute, I was once again thumped into reality by my by guardian angel.

As I pulled up to an intersection just 2 block from my office, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a matter of real consequence, a sad and triumphant sight.  A teacher from the neighborhood school was with a student doing some essential work on the street corner.  The student was about 10 yrs old, and was blind.  His patient and loving teacher was helping him help himself find the safe way to navigate a busy intersection.

I waited a moment at the stop sign and looked at this brave little warrior and for a brief moment tried to consider  the challenges he wakes up to every morning.  I drove two more blocks and jumped into my gigantic day…  The young boy probably spent the next 30 minutes learning all kinds of things that will help him get across that intersection alone some day.

We take so much for granted every day. Even in hard times, abundance flows in our land for many of us.  We think because our shoulder is sore or our knee won’t allow us to run or because we are on a top ramen meal plan, that we are are deprived.


I’m in the business of helping shoulders n knees n they matter a great deal. I prefer grass fed steak over chicken thighs, BUT  if you are reading this note with two good eyes and your belly is mostly full, think about how incredibly lucky you are.  I know I am.

As my good friend and colleague Dr Michael Mantell says, focus on what you have and on what is going right not on your depravity and watch your world improve.

Keep your head up and please remember you are not alone,


Coach Cris


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