The long Haul

The long Haul

Between my reading of Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, the research I’ve been doing on my upcoming book, Going The Distance and my evening news program, I have been painfully,  yet tenderly inspired by examples of bravery, persistence, and emotional stamina on many fronts.

The attached link came from PBS’s news hour tonight, always a GREAT source of world information.

The folks interviewed, have their heads and their hearts right on the essence of it.  You will not regret taking the 6 minutes to watch n listen.

After weeks of non stop, commitments, bell to bell,  I took an actual lunch break today.  I drove thru an old special stomping ground of mine and was completely filled up by the pounding of the surf and the gorgeous warm winter’s sun.  As I ate my triple meat turkey sub on the seasonal sand dune, I felt a sense of  forlorn when I looked out at the cafe on the OB pier and thought of the hundreds of conversations on history, psychology, anthropology, women and life I had  had while sipping coffee with my old neighbor and world war 2 vet friend, George Roitsch. Friend, father, rascal, brother….I miss him a lot.

The longer I live and the more I learn about what George’s generation pressed thru, the more  grateful I am for what I have and the more willing I am to endure for the right things and they are mild compared to that of “the great generation”.

We have so much to be thankful for. Don’t waste a single minute of your time. “It’s far too short and way too precious”.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,



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