As a man thinketh, Opportunity vs Threat

As a man thinketh, Opportunity vs Threat

In 9th grade, deep in the bowels of a science laboratory, a wise professor at Governor Dummer Academy in Byfield, Ma informed our class that later that week, we would be having “an opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge”.  We sat slightly perplexed and a bit excited about this new adventure, until we realized what Mr Anderson was saying, was that we were going to have a Biology Test. His term has stuck with me for 29 years.

What you call something matters.  What matters even more, is how you think about things. Isn’t any kind of a test truly an “opportunity”. Fear of failure is a thief. Performance anxiety is a waste of potential.

Psychologists have done extensive work looking at how people’s pre-conceived ideas and perceptions affect future outcome and current disposition (anxiety, stress, depression, contentedness).

I say, like Mr Anderson, Test = Opportunity.

In academics, an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge.

In Athletics, an opportunity to demonstrate preparation and will.

In life circumstances, an opportunity to demonstrate endurance, resiliency and character.

May the brave and mighty Francis Parker Lady Lancers bring their will, endurance, resiliency and character as they embrace the opportunity to engage The Bishop’s School on the soccer field today.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris




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