Lessons from Tony G

Lessons from Tony G

“Spika, Tony G. here, the great one, known all around the world, coast to coast…..I’m thinking of coming out to California, can you pick me up at the airport, can ya Spika, …What da ya think Spika,… can you pick up me at the airport if I come to California”……

Over the last almost 2.5 decades  I have received a handful these precious greetings on my message machine/ mobile phone. I’ve never deleted one. Only time, technology, moves and thieves have caused any of those messages to be erased, I have one from this past August still live.

Tony’s sweet spirit is absolutely some the best stuff on this planet. The DNA of heaven.  That we should all be so honest, decent and peaceful as the Mayor.

Memories of him striding down the beach on a lazy July afternoon with his Mr Mike’s apron still on or seeing him strut into the Frolics with his referee uniform on (whistle included of course) was a thing of greatness.  If only our heads of state could command so much dignity and act with such class.

Those days when you were headed out Beach Road, or down route 1, or through North Andover and you were late for something you thought mattered or you were heavy in thought about “important stuff” and BOOM there he was, already having made eye contact with you and there was only ever one thing to do, STOP and take the Mayor where ever he had to go.

Those rides teach us everything we need to know about about what matters in life. They teach us about how being a good and decent human is our greatest calling. Not for ourselves but for others. “non sibi sed aliis”.

On this cool California night, I’m warmed by thoughts of good people I have known, too many to count.  People Like Tony G that taught me how important it is to defend the defenseless, give till it helps and always try to do the right thing.

Wishing all who read this, lots of laughter, good memories and much love. Thanks to so many of you who stepped in at various times in my life and gave and cared  so unselfishly. It mattered.

Enjoy the video, stay in touch and please when you see the G-man next, tell him , “The Spika said Hi and that any time he wants to come out to San Diego, I’ll pick him up in the airport, in a LIMO”.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,

The Spika


10 thoughts on “Lessons from Tony G

  1. Jackie the bartender at uncle eddies

    Hope u know I’ve showed this to Tony numerous times over the years ! . This showed up in my time hop today. When is showed him I wasn’t sure if he had heard it before but his smile lit up .. U know the smile ? Wonderful story spika

    1. Cris Dobrosielski Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Jackie, thinking about the G-mans smile brightens my day in a way words can’t describe. You let him know there is a picture of him and Wolfie Simmons on my facebook and all the old guards LOVE it!


    2. Cris Dobrosielski Post author

      Just seeing this Jackie, so so glad you shared the spirit with The G-man, he represents the heart n soul of this beautiful little town we love. Keep doing good things and thanks for stopping by.

      The Spika

  2. John Gagnon

    GREAT story and spot on!!! I can picture him in detail as you described him the ref’s uniform for the Jello Wrestling, the thumb out and huge smile (Picked him up several times) and him walking in somewhere and saying to me, “Hey Gags”….Thanks for the warm feeling in my heart as I read this….

    1. Cris Dobrosielski Post author

      Gags,thanks for taking the time to share. Tony did way more for us than we did for him. When Wolfie Simmons and I pulled into town straight from Logan last September the only place serving food was this little bar a couple doors down from the old Tick TYock. We weren’t in there 15 minutes when the G-man sauntered by and went right up to the manager and got some kind of first class treatment. We were blown away with joy, not surprised and incredibly grateful. Needless to say, The G-man spent the rest of the evening with us. We made plans for his 70th! Stay in touch n think good thoughts amigo.

      Spike D.

  3. Mike @ Uncle Eddies

    I can hear Tony now—-hey Mike, you got a C-note I can borrow? hey Mike, your my best friend, can you pick me up some M&M peanut? Hey Mike, If I stay at the Beach tonight will you bring me back to N.A.? Hey Mike, Jackie didn’t get my Keno number right, can you fire her? Hey Mike, I didnt mean that, I love Jackie!!! LOL…

    1. Cris Dobrosielski Post author

      I can here him in every one of those comments.
      Then there’s,

      “Spike, what do think?…Should we get a limo for labor Day?… Me, “order it up Tony!”

      I’m on the hook for getting the G-man a 3 piece suit for his 70th. What an honor.

      Stay well friend,
      Spike D

  4. Scala Pini

    Are we still playing his 50th birthday party? Loved the days at the Normandy when “The Mayor!” (*Rex Long) would introduce him to a packed crowd. A living legend. See you at the beach Tony.

    1. Cris Dobrosielski Post author

      Living Legend indeed. “Known coast to coast and around the globe.” Thanks for the contribution Scala. I think its 70 for the man this year!

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