Motion Is Lotion

Motion Is Lotion

In 35 years of mostly conscious exercising and 24 years of professional coaching have I known anyone to finish a session/workout and say, “I feel worse, I wish I hadn’t done that”.

As good as solitude can be on most of our workouts, moving with a pal or a partner (or a group) can be even better.

No phones, calenders, e-mails, just being together in nature (or even on tandem treadmills or life cycles) is freeing and restorative.

I hope you enjoy the 10 minute segment below featured on San Diego Tv KUSI encouraging couples to connect in nature with tips from CD fom Monumentula Results.


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2 thoughts on “Motion Is Lotion

    1. Cris Post author

      J-Bo, originally started the tweet with, “I have mixed feelings about the sport of boxing” but ran out of characters…
      With your good looks I can understand your view on the subject. Keep the faith and keep in touch,

      Mr. Spike D.

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