Game 7 Moments

Game 7 Moments

Just saying, “game 7” my body involuntarily releases adrenaline and cortisol. In sports, game 7 is  synonymous with “do or die”.

Assuming it’s a finals match, one team goes home a Champion, the other, at best, 2nd place. Both deserve recognition for earning the opportunity to compete, an accomplishment  that might have meant months, years or a life time preparation.

For every two teams that earns a game 7 showdown, scores of others teams and hundreds maybe even thousands of individuals are already on vacation or have given up on their victory dream altogether.

Game seven moments are not unique to sports. Any one whose ever taken the Bar, GRE’s, submitted a proposal or auditioned for a part knows “do or die”. Most people don’t strive to be an attorney, go to grad school, tryout for parts they would like or in general stretch their limits in large part because of the work required and the risk of failure.

To me game 7’s, the risk, is some of the best part of life.  To be in that situation means that you have made a commitment to something, you are putting you talent (whatever kind) in front of the world and you are saying. “this matters to me and this is my best.”  Your strengths, weaknesses, imperfections at some level are on display for all kinds of lazy armchair quarterbacks to criticize and say how you could have done this better or done that differently.

For some of us, everyday feels a bit like game 7 and we hunger for restoration, recovery and being still, some incredibly important things.  Be careful not to trade out passionate pursuit of meaningful endeavors (meaningful to you) for day to day recovery and survival. A persons reach should exceed their grasp, that’s how improvement happens and occasionally that’s how greatness happens.

Tonight the old men in green have another crack at greatness in sport, this will likely be the last year of the C’s as we have come to know them over the last 5 years.  My prediction is the team that has the most hunger and heart will be victorious tonight.

I predict a Celtics Victory but will be satisfied with a Monumental EFFORT

Friendship, Strength and Honor

Coach Cris








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