Opportunity 7/21/12, Hope Lies In Connecting

Opportunity 7/21/12, Hope Lies In Connecting

I was brought to tears last night watching the footage of yet another senseless, cowardice act, this time at the expense of the good people of Aurora, CO.  That they may heal physically and emotionally at God’s speed is my focused prayer for them. That everyone touched by the brutality (which is all of us in some way) could process their shock, anger, grief, fear and hatred is also deep on my heart.

Each day many of us wake up and meet our obligations, deadlines, responsibilities with the focus and efficiency of a quality control worker.  We often go through the workout, give out hugs, get things done in a way that’s remarkable. Speaking for myself however, so often I am on to the next thing in my mind while I’m still doing the first thing.

Today I commit to living deliberately, because I can and that is a gift.

My to do list, fun as it is, is long, so long I arguably shouldn’t be typing right now, but typing I must and keeping this committment I must as well. I will do this because I can, because I have this moment.

Each hand shake, hug, connection will get my full attention.  As if it were my last time to see that person or experience that situation.  In the moment, though often used loosely, is an incredibly powerful place to be and that is our opportunity today (and of course every day).

I invite each of you to do the same. Not a little and not just with the things you like, EVERYTHING you do.

In the end, if we are lucky enough to contemplate before we go wherever it is we go, I believe peace will come from the truth that we approached life this way.  No matter how high the piles of money are or how protected the wallls of our estates, earthly peace will come from the quality of our relationships, the depths of our love, the integrity of our promises and  the satisfaction that comes from knowing we embraced all of life completely.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,




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