Clarence Nailed This One, Merry Christmas 2 All

I was bought to tears A-gain,  by the beautiful human story of It’s a Wonderful Life.

No matter how complicated, sophisticated or busy our lives get, I was reminded that connecting with others in a meaningful way and playing our part, no matter how small, has a profound affect on those around us and is the crucial component in the evolution of the the improving human spirit.

We touch people in ways we don’t even know and that influences the way people live and conduct themselves, sometimes for years to come.

Each one of  us, a little flicker, a little flame, that has the potential to warm and add something to the bigger story. Our thoughts, words and deeds have the potential to advance the cause of goodness, righteousness and hope in every moment, whether we are aware of it or not.

Think good thoughts, strive for for decency and righteousness, give yourself permision to be imperfect and make mistakes, but don’t stay down when you fall short, get back on the horse and carry on, we need you.

George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart), spent his life helping people, non sibi sed aliis, (not for self but for others).  He was there when his friends needed him, no matter what, no matter what.

That each of us this Holiday season and every day in 2013 and on, would live so deliberately, selflessly and authentically.

Such goodness does matter and it is how things improve, one good thought, word, deed at a time, over time the consequences are truly Monumental.

Yes it’s true, Clarence was right  “no man is a failure who has friends”

Enjoy, and Be Well,

Coach Cris


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