Be the Second Kind of Person

There are two kinds of people in the world.

The first kind talks about the things they are going to do and talks about how their life and their circumstances are going to be different in the future and better “the next time.” But they rarely do the work, the small things, the brave things, that require discipline, persistence and delaying gratification, that lead to achievement, dependability and success.

Then there is the second kind of person. The person who realizes the power of their words, who understands the slow dark slide that comes with not following through on one’s goals and dreams (no matter how small). This person understands that commitment to self and to one’s ideals is a spiritual endeavor and not to be taken lightly. This person does their best over and over again and can be depended on to follow through. They see the criticalness, value, beauty and holiness in doing the little things, as many times as necessary, to move in the direction of their dreams and goals.

The second kind of person is not necessarily of high societal prominence, in fact they are often very ordinary people, frequently of simple means. However, when you are in their company, you feel their strength and it’s attractive and good.

The second kind of person makes a great parent, boss, coach, husband or wife. Their steadiness inspires those around them, often in a subtle but profound way. They “get” that achievement, growth and monumental results come out of  doing the little things and be a person who follows through… in relationships, in stated commitments and every area of every day life.

Friendship, Strength and Honor,

Coach Cris


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