In the mean time

From a top the peak of Black Mountain, after a playful, timeless, walk about, I spied a couple of all weather tracks in the distance, it got me to thinking…after a 17 year layoff what kinda speed did the old wheels stills have?

The thought wouldn’t go away….

No pressure, no judgement but it became clear, it was time to check in.

With the support of a good friend, we rolled to West View High, grabbed the watch n went to the corner to knock out a mini-set of 200’s.

Thought about the race pace work at Point Loma Nazarene so many years before. 40’s came pretty ez and translated into 5k race pace.

Wondered where I’d come in without trying too hard. So just rolled into it in the outside lane.
40, 38, 38, 36, 38, 36 on 30 second rest.

I thought about the great scene in Cinderella Man, where he realizes, its because of his injuries, pain and the fortifying and growing up he did in the mean time, that he found himself stronger and more grounded than the he was even as a younger man.

Have fun, train smart and Never give up,
Coach Cris


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