A Serious Question on Presidents Day

We honor past presidents because they helped make our imperfect but great country even greater. A serious question for each of us… What am I doing today, tomorrow or the day after to make our country greater?

You needn’t do great things, only do the good things that you do in a great way. Complaining, whining, criticizing without tangible, good spirited action does not count.

Friendship, strength and honor,

Coach Cris


3 thoughts on “A Serious Question on Presidents Day

    1. Cris Post author

      Thanks MM, If greatness is the focus we will never get there. The focus must be on the opportunity, challenge, task, step, right in front of our face, that we have committed to.

      We do it because it’s in us to do it, cause we KNOW, for whatever reason, it must be done. Not the outcome, the end result, the vision of future praise… but the fact the we know it must be done.

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