One Good Decision

One Good Decision

I Am big on touchstones, those marks within a day, week, season, year or lifetime  that lend themselves to reflection, evaluation and broadened perspective.

With the ushering in of 7/1/2015, in the sweet moments before sun up, I’m thinking about how I’ve done thus far with the concrete New Year Evolutions I set in January and about my handling of the unforeseen challenges and opportunities that I could have never seen coming last winter.

On the big rocks side, I’m not where I might have hoped to be at this annual juncture but on the smaller rocks side, the ones that constitute some of the fabric of my day to day living, I’ve made the kind of improvements that I would commend a friend/client for making.

I remind myself this morning, It’s not about perfection, it’s about improving (if only a little), it’s about embracing fully the process and mostly it’s about being headed in the right direction. The goals are not the end, they are guide post for the kind of living you want to do before your time is up.

If you’re headed in the right direction, well done! If honest reflection indicates that you’re not, no problem, get going with one good decision, then another…We still have 1/2 the year to go.

Wishing each of you much peace, love and prosperity all your days.

Train Smart, have fun and never give up,





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