In The Mean Time

In The Mean Time

The path of pursing excellence in any field is filled with planned and spontaneous pauses. These pauses, at first glance, can be unsettling and feel like a waste of time but this could not be further from the truth.

9/10 times a pause, that is a break from targeted and intense work, is exactly what the determined peaceful warrior needs to reset and restore the body/mind as it readies itself for the heavy lifting that is soon to resume.

Whether it’s someone showing up late for your scheduled meeting, waiting for a prospect or contractor to follow up on a proposal or deliverable or even the stop lights we hit on our commute to the next appointment, I strongly suggest, filling the pauses with full and easy breathing and allowing you head, heart and imagination to flow without constraint or expectation on to whatever subject feels freeing and restoring.

I firmly believe that how we handle the in the mean time moments is at least as important as how we do the work.

Train smart, have fun and never give up,


2 thoughts on “In The Mean Time

    1. Coach Cris

      Thanks Larry, and in spite of the noise all around us, those peaceful moments are readily available when we are in the moment.

      Keep doing the good work,

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