Wanna Make a Bet

Wanna Make a Bet

So it’s some what early Sunday morning, my protege and I are getting some short course work in at the JCC in La Jolla. We’re 1/2 way into a spicy sprint set.

Main set
150 pace
9×50 low/high 30/75 seconds by rep
150 pace
11×25 low high 15/45 seconds
150 pace

Heart rates red zone upon completion of the 25’s and the Pup says, “wanna make a bet” in his best almost Boston accent, and I say, “whatcha ya got in mind,” Pup says, “200 or 100 for time (to be determined by coach) and we 1/2 the second round.”

So I propose a 200 free under 1:50.
The Pup negotiates for a little extra time to lower his heart and ready himself then steps up to the blocks and goes 147.

The plot thickens when a lovely friend of mine serendipitously hops in and joins us for the abbreviated second round, the three of us knock out some more speed work and I pose a question to the Pup, who is a bit distracted by the poise and strength of our new lane mate,
“100 free under 50 seconds (mind you we are about 3500 yards into our workout) and I buy breakfast,”

The Pup, without flinching, agrees, steps up to the block and knocks out a 48.

We cool down, jacuzzi, the Pup and I are both feeling good about our Sunday morning extra credit session and the extra time with the lad over breakfast is icing on the cake. #teamasfamily

I encourage each of you, regardless your preferred activity or relative ability level, to be the person who takes the challenging bet, even better, be the person that proposes the bet. Keep expanding, challenging yourself and stretching your limits, that’s fully living.

Train smart, have fun and never, ever give up,
Coach Cris


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