Going The Distance

Going The Distance

Our creativity, innovation and spontaneity exemplify our spirit, however, I believe we are ultimately defined by how we handle the obstacles, tragedies, challenges and pitfalls that we create and inherit.

A little over a year ago my teammate and friend crashed his motor cycle on a sandy trail and was then promptly run over by his comrade at high speed, just east of the Sierra Nevada. Had so many things happened just a hair differently, this blog would be a eulogy not an inspirational tale.

But they happened the way they did and 1 year and a couple months later, hundreds and hundreds of hours of rehab and 400 plus nights of wondering if the neurological symptoms would ease, my amigo got back in his craft, not completely healed but mostly well, to once again assert his love of sport and primeval appreciation for life and his monumental talent.

Dane cracked a 2nd place finish with his brother Dick Saturday at the Ed Perry Regatta in Venice. There was hardly a guarantee that his body would manage the intensity of the three lap boat race but a warrior’s life and over coming adversity is not about guarantees, it’s about preparing as best you can, making educated decisions, trusting your gut and going the distance because that’s who you are.

What ever your challenge, however big the obstacle, however long the shot, plan, train, see it and go after it, that’s how living is done. If you fail, plan better, try harder and give it another shot that’s how greatness is achieved.

Thanks for inspiring all of us Dane.

Have fun, train smart and never ever give up,
Coach Dobro


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