The Four Commitments

The Four Commitments

One of my favorite thinkers, David Brooks, suggests in his book, The Social Animal that in our lives we have four great commitments. Brooks suggests commitment to family, vocation, community and a faith or life philosophy are some of the “big rocks” that make up the infrastructure of richly lived life and I would agree.

If you look at the people that are truly happy, the kind of people that resonate a goodness that most of us want to be around, you’ll almost always see a life intensely engaged in some or all of these commitments. Their lives are marked by service to something greater than themselves. The way they execute the ordinary things in their day resonates a discipline and a focus that even in the simplest of scenarios can be deeply moving if not down right inspiring and healing.

If you hunger for more satisfaction in your life I recommend you take a look at the four commitments Brooks mentions and just see were you’re at.

Just like a giant ship can’t change course on a dime a small but consistent turn of the rudder will eventually have a significant effect on the direction of the ship.

Small consistent change, in any area of life, over time will, yields monumental results.

Train smart, have fun and never ever give up,


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