Peaceful Warrior Leaves His Mark at Tufts

Peaceful Warrior Leaves His Mark at Tufts

Team Monumental member Zachary Wallace, known affectionately as The Beast, was a champion on and off the water for four years at Tufts University.

His kind, thoughtful and sensitive leadership style was inspirational to all those around him and was central to his teams mounting success over his four years, culminating with a league title his senior year.

He trained fiercely, encouraged others continuously and played his role even when it was not the one he would have chosen.

I watched Zach improve as a swimmer with untiring dedication to both the big and the little things that lead to greatness and more importantly, I had the privilege of watching him mature mentally and emotionally as he bravely embraced the way of the peaceful warrior, the warrior of light.

The real-estate he owns on the newly updated school record board is extremely impressive and even more profound is difference he made in the lives of his teammates on and off the water over four years.

Well done Beast, I love you and I’m incredibly proud to be your friend, teammate and coach.



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