Do It Anyway

Do It Anyway

Agreement number 4 by Don Miguel Ruiz is always do your best. A simple concept yet incredibly difficult to act on consistently.

It’s not hard to act on it when you are inspired, well rested, clear but…when you’re tired, busy or lacking enthusiasm a lot of us dumb down our effort, settle for just showing up and make allowances for something less than our best.

I committed to blogging every weekday for the month of January for a variety personal reasons having mostly to do with exercising my mental muscles in advance of a creative initiative planned for later this year.

Today, tonight, NOW, I’m tired. It’s been a huge and successful day on all levels and I have poured out the good stuff to the best of my ability up till now. I thought about giving myself a break and picking it up tomorrow, after all it’s just an exercise right?

Nope, not gonna have it. I made the deal, I know my purpose and follow through I will.

Tonight my for anyone whose eyes and journey finds them on these words my hope is that you are sticking to your plans for personal evolution as some may have outlined just a couple weeks ago.

My encouragement is that in the those times when you lack motivation or the passion to follow through, you do it anyway, because following through to the best of your ability, when you don’t feel like it, can become a very powerful habit and it will improve your life, guarenteed.

Now I’m going to bed.

Train smart, have fun and never give up,



2 thoughts on “Do It Anyway

    1. Cris Dobrosielski Post author

      Larry, Thanks for stopping by. You live a life of getting these things done and it encourages everybody around you. Keep it going brave warrior!


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