Passing Freedom Forward

Passing Freedom Forward

One of the freedoms our precious democracy allows for is the freedom of ideas. We sometimes take it for granted but you need not look beyond the news of the week from the middle east or far east to see this freedom is not to be under valued.

I was brought to tears this morning as I drove passed thousands of people standing in a single file line passing one beautiful old book at time from the old Mission Hills library to the new one opening today a mile apart.

As a writer, thinker and lover of this amazing and imperfect country we live in, seeing all those volunteers (and their effort was in response to the lack of funding for the move) made me feel proud, grateful and humbled by the depth of goodness being displayed.

It also made me think of my smart and beautiful aunty who is a librarian in NH who is a staple in her community and a champion of ideas, words and freedom.

Think good thought amigos and pay attention to the beauty and goodness that all around.



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