Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Ellen Glasgow the American novelist said, “The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions” and I agree, mostly. If you’re in a rut the good news (though it may not feel so good) is that you’re not dead yet, your alive, which means your story is not necessarily finished.

As an athlete and a coach I see the great value in repeating certain behaviors and techniques over and over, improving on the details, extracting benefit from the exercise each time. The body and the spirit love consistency and it where a lot of progression comes from.

That said, the body and spirit also need stimulation, variety and spontaneity. As important as predictable consistent and measured training is, if there isn’t variety the body and the spirit will become complacent and cease to change, grow and improve.

I encourage you to take at look at your training, personal habits and recreation patterns and deliberately step out of your comfort zone (if only briefly and occasionally) and dive into some adventure and some activity that sparks enthusiasm, joy and perhaps represents a different kind of a challenge.

It will change you and I believe for the better.

Train smart, have fun and never give up,



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