One Point On The Path

As we close down January, 2019, it’s a good time to pause and do a quick inventory on our personal evolution or as some people describe it, our New Year’s resolutions.

I like personal evolution far better because it implies that the path to improvement is a process and one’s progress or lack there of has far more to do with building better habits and improving the way we think about change and progress rather than relying only on resolve.

1/31/19 is a simply a single data point, part of a set of data points that will give you feedback over a period of time on how you’ve been doing making the positive change in your life that you have said matters.

If you’re on target, what ever that means for your particular goal, kudos. If you’ve fallen short by a little or a lot, 1/31 is still just one data point and need not break your commitment to evolution.

Wether you’re charging forward, slowly making headway or stopped dead in your tracks the key to long term success is small proximal steps in the right direction.

If you’re having success great, keep doing the little things day in and day out that got you started and you will soon see the results compounding. If you’re struggling to get your footing, sorry, but remember why you’ve made the commitment to change and lean in to the small choices/habits necessary to make today a better than yesterday.

Improvement or evolution is a path, having a clear vision of what it is you’re after combined with an even clearer vision of the important choices, behaviors and thought processes that get you through the difficult moments where convenience and obstacles are to much for your resolve is critical.

I welcome all of you to share your victories, setbacks and challenges over the last 30 days for the benefit of those amigos that are in the fight and that might be feeling alone and perhaps in need of a little encouragement and community.

Small consistent change over significant period of time absolutely leads to monumental results.



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