Patience, Grace and Trust

Patience, Grace and Trust

I recently had the privilege of leading a training session with a dad and his 20 year old daughter. The dad was in from out of town and my regular client, disciplined and motivated as she is, asked me if they could do a group workout for her next session.  Of course I answered, I find buddy workouts, couples workouts and family workouts are super fun and a very special way for people to bond and learn.

Our workout was spirited, fun and appropriately intense, lots of sweat, banter, calories burned.

On the way out of the dojo, before dad headed home to LA, he thanked me for the session, complimented my teaching style and said, “I’m glad my daughter found you, please take good care of her.” We shook hands and he got into his car to take his daughter for a snack before he headed north.

As they drove away I thought about all the good things that went on over the forty-five minute session.

A middle aged man sweating it up with his college aged daughter, both of them choosing to get a workout session in during their preciously short time together, both of them doing their best manage their health and I could go on…

What really stuck with me was the dad’s final comment, please take care of my daughter. It reminded of how important it is to provide the highest level of care, attentiveness, consideration and respect not only for the clients we engage but for all the people that come into our sphere.

In some professions this is self evident and arguably more relevant than others, but I believe each of us in our professional lives and in our daily lives would do very well by remembering that the people we meet and interact with are all sons , daughters and somebodies loved one.

Remembering this, even when we meet people that aren’t so kind might help us to have a little patience, grace and choose our words and actions a bit more keenly even when we experience situations that are difficult and frustrating.

Train smart, have fun and never give up,

Coach Cris



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