Propper Foundation

Propper Foundation

In athletics, scholastics, interpersonal relationships and things technical and mechanical I believe the most essential ingredient to long term success (besides proper attitude and persistence) is building a strong and playable foundation of skills, knowledge and experience with the basics.

Building that foundation provides a base that with adequate time, gradually progressive training, patience, resilience and commitment to improvement rather than perfection, is a characteristic that is almost always present in the champions of life, regardless of discipline.

It can be uncomfortable, tiring and at times boring to spend the time doing those little things when what most of us would prefer stimulating training, great end results and the rewards of being “the expert.”

Whether your goal is participating at your highest possible level of athletics, being an innovator or having highly satisfying personal relationships I encourage you, to take a close look at the building blocks and subterranean skills that contribute to proficiency in your endeavor and be sure you’ve not missed or bypassed the essentials. The time and energy spent fortifying your foundation will add to the heights you can reach and the length of time you can spend at the top.

Friendship, strength and honor,

Coach Cris


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