Rise n Shine

Rise n Shine

As a general rule, I don’t lack enthusiasm or motivation in what I consider to be some of the most important things in life, health, wellness, personal growth, relationship building … I find these things are gifts to embrace and enjoy rather than obstacles, burdens or chores that I’m “supposed to do.”

Lately however , I’ve found myself not doing so well making the most of the early morning, before work, before obligations, time that is literally available to do almost anything. It’s not that I don’t know the importance of a routine and of ritual but I’ve just found it hard not to jump into the daily world, the world of politics, planning, finances…doing not being.

So with the you, my friends as witnesses, here’s what I pledge

  1. No technology for the first 20 minutes of the day. (the news will all be there when I turn my devices on)
  2. After I drink a tall glass of water and plug in the percolator, 10 minutes of silence: filled with prayer, meditation and just sitting still. (with a focus on giving thanks and if necessary, doing business with any anxiety or fear I have brewing)
  3. 5 minutes of ez stretching and self care. (it won’t be a lot but it will be good, deliberate and healing)
  4. Send 1 text message to someone I love before any other actions are taken with technology

I believe my best effort at sticking with this ritual will set me up for even better days.

I encourage you to think carefully about your morning environment and consider if there aren’t some wholesome rituals that would set you up for an even better day too.

Train smart, have fun, never give up, and never ever stop improving,




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