Perfect Summer Mornings

Perfect Summer Mornings

As I cruised effortlessly down the 5 from Orange County to San Diego early this morning I was “lit-up inside with a sense of everlasting wonder” and filled with a profound sense of gratitude and belonging. The early morning summer sky, a light but rich blue, reminded me of the perfect summer mornings of my youth and the Ocean Pacific continually defined my western view and boundary even when it was occasionally temporarily covered up by condos and Porsche dealerships.

I had spent the day before at the South Bay Dozen, a Family/Team created and centered event which allows people of all ages and abilities to take some spirited laps on a variety of ocean crafts. The competitors are friendly, the vibe good and ez and the racing is some of the best in the sport.

It was the too many to count, sweet personal moments spent connecting, encouraging, learning and opening the day before at The Dozen that flowed through my mind as I covered ground homeward on the interstate.

Sport, at its best, provides opportunity for physical, emotional and psychological improvement, learning and expansion.

I Am different and better today for having raced, achieved, succeeded, blundered, f’d -up… over the 8 courses I covered yesterday.

I am Way better today for the conversations I had, for the encouragement I received and shared with teammates and for the opportunity to witness people helping, supporting and caring about other people in areas intimately related and completely unrelated to sport and competition.

The picture featured in this blog is that of two people I care a great deal about. Tom Seth, the older guy who looks young, is one of the most accomplished and honorable racing buddies I have had the privilege of competing against, training with and enjoying the surf lifesaving ride.

The young guy, Phillip Barnet, is a friend and teammate of mine, who is kind, fierce, loyal and on his way to a life filled with success in every single area. These guys were sprinting to the finish line in a grueling 12 minute (vo2 max) run/paddle/run/paddle/run race.

Phillip crossed the line first but they both won big.

As I continued my drive southbound this morning nearly every exit and beach town I passed had a memory or story filled with some sweet, wild or painful experience initiated by sport and all I could keep thinking was how lucky I was to be on this road…




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